scott kay headshot

Scott Kay is a British Actor, Model and Voice Over artist whom after finishing his studies in England gaining A Levels in Maths and Performing Arts, he auditioned and was offered a place at the prestigious New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts. He has been successfully been trained in various methods of acting for both on and off camera including Brecht, Meisner and Stanislavski.

Scott is a grounded and very talented and driven actor. He possesses extraordinary skill for acting as well as for performance arts.

Scott is an incredibly flexible performer always willing to experiment with style and genre. He uses advanced performance techniques with maturity and precision. He has the ability to manipulate audience relationships very effectively. His versatility as a thinking actor allows him to realise the most creative of responses either, textually, or within the devising process.

I look forward with excitement to the upcoming theatrical contributions he will continue to make to the artistic landscape in the United States.

Scott Kay is an actor who notably puts work ahead of ego: he has a firm grasp on the role of his character within not only a specific scene, but within the greater narrative. He is gifted in thinking on his feet, and he responds to direction as a professional. His abilities to improvise, ad lib, and play against the obvious reading of the lines creates new depths to his work and keeps his characters feeling ‘real’.

 It is this type of exceptional skill and performance that has built Scott’s reputation as an actor of extraordinary ability

Scott is a highly motivated individual who always works to the best of his ability. He is fully committed to all aspects of Drama, continually setting himself more challenging roles both within the group and independently.

His presence is a delight to watch on screen .

Like all great actors, Scott used the script merely as starting point, and then drilled down deep to find a voice and identity for his character. When he speaks, it is with the kind of realism and authenticity that grabs an audience.